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Have you identified all the potential workplace hazards to personnel, assets, and the environment? We can help!


We can create and provide site specific safety trainings in any topic!


Whether it is confined space entry, machine guarding, or laser safety, we can create programs that meet or exceed industry standards.




If you don't have the capacity to fund onsite EHS, Safety Nest is your solution to cost effective compliance!


If your workplace has an urgent EHS issue  that needs to be resolved quickly and professionally, let us know!

Our founders, Rae, Stanley, and Joe, are passionate about workplace safety as well as preserving the environment. 

We have nearly two decades of combined EHS experience in various industries, including but not limited to, automotive manufacturing, research and development, education, semiconductor manufacturing, and energy generation. 

We are a full service EHS consulting firm, we can provide timely services to large companies' EHS professionals who require extra help, startups that need full EHS programs, as well as mom and pop shops who cannot afford permanent EHS staff. 


Rae Chen

Operations Director

Rae is an experienced program manager and driven by her passion to help others and the environment. She wishes to build a platform that promotes workplace safety and environmental stewardship.

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Joe Xie

Principal Consultant CIH

Joe has over a decade of EHS experience in various industries as well as consulting. His most proud accomplishment is finally achieving zero workplace injuries over a three year period as a safety manager at a manufacturing and R&D facility.


Stanley Wu

Principal Consultant CIH, CSP

Stan has over a decade of EHS experience in various industries, including manufacturing, research and development, and academia. His specialties include hazard assessment, industrial hygiene, and safety program development.

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