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4th of July Fireworks the Safe Way

Hot dogs and fireworks - the quintessential celebration on 4th of July. As fun as fireworks can be, a joyful night can turn into a disaster quickly if fireworks are not handled safely. The video below has some helpful tips on using fireworks.

Don't let misuse of fireworks ruin your night! Follow these guidelines for a safe and fun-filled night:

  • Only use fireworks if they are legal where you live.

  • Make sure there are no flammable materials where you set off your fireworks, including dry vegetation.

  • Familiarize yourself with your fireworks. Read and follow the instructions for using the fireworks.

  • Fireworks should be handled by adults only. Aim fireworks away from people, cars, and buildings.

  • Quickly step away from fireworks after lighting them.

  • Have water in a bucket, charged water hose, or fire extinguisher accessible.

  • Dispose of spent fireworks by soaking them with water and then place them inside a metal trash can.

  • Do not make your own fireworks.

COVID-19 does not take holidays; make sure you continue to take precautions to prevent disease spread! Celebrate with the people in your household, maintain physical distance from others, wear a mask when you're outside, and keep your hands clean!


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